Buy a Deck Plank now!

We are working towards having the deck complete and sealed…. We need your help now to donate and buy a deck plank.

What’s involved?
The deck will firstly be sheeted with two layers of Marine Ply, epoxy will hold them in place and sealed with a layer of fibreglass.  This is a modern twist on a traditional deck and will ensure that the ship’s deck is watertight, unlike a traditional deck!!

One the deck is sealed we will then be laying the original Queensland White Beach deck boards which have been restored by our volunteer team.

You can donate directly to our deck planking campaign, by buying a deck plank for $250.  This will also get your name on the Deck Plank Honour Board .

Buy A Deck Plank Now


You can donate online on this page.


All donations of $2.00 or more are tax-deductible. A tax receipt will be issued.

All donors are recorded in the history of the ship. By donating you are leaving a legacy for all to see.

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